- webkinz's current quote

Webkinz (Commonly known as webkinz) is a regular user on the playingwithmahwii irc. He is known as iluvwebkinz829 on Youtube.


Known as iluvwebkinz829 on Youtube, webkinz subscribed to Anthony about 200something. Since then, there have been ups and downs but he's still been through it (Or at least most of it o3o) He joined the IRC a week after it opened and has been on it everyday since then.


webkinz has been known with getting into heated debates with SparksElectroKoopa, another user on the IRC. SparksElectroKoopa is an Electro-Koopa in the IRC while webkinz is a vase. While it's not the reason, it plays a part on debates conflicting them on saying who's evil  Constantly they have said eep~ and dessert names (Such as ""Brownie"" and cookie) during these conversations.

Anthony's Next Top ModelEdit

webkinz decided one day to make a series of quote un-quote "parodying" the show America's Next Top Model with the IRC members. This has led to Anthony's Next Top Model, a reality competition series featuring IRC members. So far, 2 parts of the show have been released. The IRC members are known to love the series so far and occasionally asks them when the next part is and/or if he has started on the next part or even demanding to make the next part now. (o3o)

Tomodachi LifeEdit

webkinz also decided to the make a series on the game Tomodachi Life. Unlike ANTm, there are more parts because he's not being lazy about it. 


schmutz sasses the queen aka Julie Andrews

Past QuotesEdit

  • webkinz

is a(n) NON-EVIL vase. "RIP Seventh's quote that had me in it o3o"


An animation webkinz made on Bopping

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