Hey it's Trynoku!

Origin of nameEdit

He used a name he make up by pushing random buttons, It was: Trynopzes. Than he knew Anthony used his name and made the name, Antoshi. he used the same concept with Trynoku and made it Trynoku`. He then dropped the `


Everybody in the IRC :D

A little bit about himEdit

His real name is Landen, however most in the IRC call him Try, or Noku. His birthday is June 11th He is one of the youngest, if not the youngest members of the chat at 14 years old. He originally stems from Colorado. He can usually be found in the IRC during the day time, or at least when he is awake. He likes to make bad jokes that tend to fall flat. He runs the current non-official Official PWMW Minecraft server! He first logged onto the IRC on exactly the 1 year anniversary of the chat and has become a goofy regular on the IRC.

How he came across PlayingWithMahWiiEdit

When he was a we little kid he used to watch Mario YouTube videos. Than he came a cross an awesome video of PWMW's. It was: Super Mario Sunshine Playthrough (Part 1) the rest is history.

Likes Edit

  • Water
  • Memes
  • Bad Jokes
  • Colorado
  • Overwatch
  • Music (Rap and Pop Punk)