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Hello, I am truepixartronphan, real name Leslie, and I've been a member of the PWMW IRC since 2012, when I came in only during streams. The first time I appeared in the chat was right after the 7/27/2012 Bodacious Stream, but I intended to appear during the stream. Java was being rather stinky that evening, so when I finally arrived, I was just pissed.

Around 2 years later, I decided to just come into the IRC chat. It wasn't a stream day, i just went in, and had a wonderful time conversing with the people in the chat, so I started coming more often.

Over time, I had been promoted to Voiced, Half-Op, and now an OP.

How I found PlayingWithMahWii Edit

Around the time I started playing video games again (specifically Mario Kart Wii), I wanted to watch someone on YouTube who played Mario Kart Wii. Even though Anthony's MKWII series was over by the time I started watching, I just continued. I found him entertaining to watch and listen to, and I absolutely love the fact that he sometimes plays games with his fans and has a variety of content on his channel, not just playthroughs. Just wish he'd upload more often.

Creations Edit

Interests Edit

  • Pokemon. Like... a lot. Pokemon X was my first game which I got in November 2013 and was hooked on the franchise ever since. Also, do yourself a favor and DON'T watch every last episode of the Pokemon anime.
  • Let's Players. Anthony was my first, and later watched Chuggaaconroy, The Runaway Guys, RabbidLuigi and a few more that I no longer watch.
  • Mario. I'm not really the biggest fan of the series, but I still get excited for Mario Kart games, and the main series games in general. I don't know, I just don't play enough Mario games, I love Pokemon too much.
  • Other YouTubers I like are Caddicarus, CinemaSins, OverClockedRemix, BrutalMoose, Gar1onriva (for his PokeSins videos), PocketMonstersMusic, and GameXplain.
  • Vinesauce. For now I just watch Vinny and Joel, but that could expand in the future.

Name origin Edit

You know that one username you made a long time ago when you thought it sounded cool and/or it fit all your fandoms but you look at it now with disgust and think about how dated it is? That's "truepixartronphan," in my case.

Truepixartronphan drawing

Not bad, me. Whatever happened to drawing? You used to like that so much, what happened?

It started in Disney Create, all the way back in 2011. At the time, I was a big fan of Pixar, TRON: Legacy and Phantom of the Opera, and I felt like a "true fan" for liking all 3... a rather cringeworthy thing for me to think about in hindsight. I made a picture there that looked like a really skinny version of me wearing a Phantom of the Opera- like mask, a hat that looked like Jessie's from the Toy Story movies, Buzz Lightyear wings, wearing a long elegant black dress, and its colors were black with a purple (I think) glow, like those glowy lines from the outfits in TRON: Legacy. The picture was known as "A True Pixar/TRON Phan". I cannot show the original picture of this due to the closing of the Disney Create server in May 2014. But the picture on the right shows a recreation i made a little while later.

Over time I outgrew the whole TRON: Legacy thing because I saw the first movie (ugh), Pixar because I just outgrew my love for it as well, and Phantom of the Opera... I didn't 100% outgrow it, bit I'm nowhere near as obsessed as I used to be. Those fandoms were just phases of my life.

Minecraft With Anthony Edit

I have been on a few Minecraft servers before with Anthony and a few other people from the chat, such as SeventhDisaster, Singe, the_pony_master, Mahboison and DragoniteSpam. I have been on a total of 3 Minecraft servers with Anthony, none of which happened on stream.

The first was a simple survival mode server, and the second one was made by the same people only updated for version 1.8. The 3rd one was a Pixelmon server. I have made an photo album here:,Ty9KWJQ,KJMxr33,xcQOZS5,FC21f3i,UDZtKXu,ztXsZ5D,YdZVVc2,IEN1Rpf,w1XaAce,7rvJmrH,ZAjW8Tz,WEkS45B,7u8bCTU,eUj6ao3,XmTD76b,FpQsIxY,W7tW1vD,ZWGABPQ,e96lcaM,nYZlAmL,cSCU8oF,SRAry33,5Xzf80L,xv3ylIA,3FVAWst,ubS3Qfi,ltXpAYO,D6pinTO,cXiGse8,VsbtWdF,37B99Z9,vZ6hwxl,Weh0VqU,9okDXkx,lNiHu6T,O00sGQ6,pc3HVbW,1hQRzIt,hGACC5R,VMzwl5M,pscxxmc,GPBtCpE,IhKNjX7,mRkTRXY,j5iHfOu,APzbT2J,qdtcME2,UF8U1JE,rL0uPCa,2WnbDuJ,YcpTcdZ,FaK5Ysc,JJqaGVS,vr87KBY#0

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