the_pony_master is a(n) Equestrian Demacian. "And now. It's all over now. The sparkle is gone. See me shimmer on..."


The champ just got groovier

Nicknames: the_pony_master, TPM, pony master, lord of the cake, crazy, lord op, #joeystyle, king chicken, yeoldgamer, Xygos Ziyomee, Joseph Armando, Regi and more though i can't think of them right now.

Finishers: Flutterbomb, Alicorn lock, Applebuck, Sonic rainboom, Party cannon, Art of the clash, Twilight zone.

Signatures: Triangle choke, Step ladder enziguri, Discus clothesline.

About the_pony_master: Recently coming back from what was going to be an eternal leave, Joseph has gotten happier over the months and was encouraged to come back thanks to powblock. Joseph can be a very nice person to his friends and is rather patient though he can become rather annoyed and angry rather quickly. He plays guitar and loves it alot and is always learning new things whether it be from a game or an actual song he will learn anything that catches his eye..... or ears in this case. He can also be very weird and sometimes creepy in certain situations though by himself can become extremely bored and wil begin to bang his head on various objects which is how an indentation on his forehead came to be. He also had an accident where he was suplexed by a friend away from their safety area and landed tail bone first onto the hard ground which lowered the tail bone but is causing no alertive pains. This is the main things about Joseph so i guess i'll SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!


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