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The Norsks is the name of PlayingWithMahWii's Norwegian fanbase. Although there seems to be no explanation as to why, Anthony has somehow gotten a lot of attention from viewers in Norway.

As of early 2015, all of the Norsks' faces have been shown on camera during the Skype calls that take place very often, after SeventhDisaster realised he'd done a really bad job at keeping his face hidden to most people. The Norsks are among the most active members on Skype, as the most common hosts are SeventhDisaster and T2norway, and you will also see Powie in the calls most of the time. There was even a 77 Hour long Skype call, where the Norsks spent the nights sleeping on camera until the eventual 4-hour limits struck.

MySweetLord47 also wants to nuke (snaff in PWMWish) the Norsks' home country for whatever reason.

Members Edit


SeventhDisaster Edit

One of the first Norwegians to join the IRC. SeventhDisaster joined the IRC on the day it first started. Since then he had been recognised for being quite the random character, the innocent character and the Nazi moderator that would never allow any fun, but he quickly became good friends with everybody. He is currently one of the six Channel Administrators of the IRC.

T2norway Edit

Also one of the first Norwegians to join the IRC, T2norway also joined the IRC on the very first day. He was very early on recognised for his fondness of potatoes, and has become a living meme among the IRC's members. The legacy of the potato king will live on forever.

Powie Edit

The third Norwegian to join the IRC. Powie joined in the early 2013 and quickly became merged with everybody. As one of the people who made the Skype groups, Powie's become quite known for his "Tape-Fetish" when he started showing his face on camera. Ever since then has he never failed to make people facepalm at him for doing it.

i7thDarkHunter Edit

Bilde 08.11.14, 09.37.51

The fourth Norwegian to join the IRC, and probably the least active one out of the four, 7thDarkhunter joined the IRC after being introduced to it by SeventhDisaster. He might not be the best at speaking or typing English correctly, but he sure does love his cake and random shouts. He's gotten quickly recognised for having several hundred fights with SeventhDisaster. And by fights we mean slapping each other with trouts in the IRC.

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