Chat With PlayingWithMahWii!01:28

Chat With PlayingWithMahWii!

What? Steam Group?Edit

Yes. Steam Group! :D

Founded on July 2nd of 2012 the official PlayingWithMahWii Fan Group currently (as of 7/21/2013) has 458 members One administrator (That being PWMW himself a.k.a. Anthony) and has been used for only one event (November -13 -2012 "Lets Play Some CP!") On the game Team Fortress 2. The group is first referenced in PWMW's video "Chat with PlayingWithMahWii!" posted on July 6th of 2012 (4 days after its birth on steam)


"It's here! The PlayingWithMahWii group on Steam, finally created after tons of viewer requests. Feel free to join, chat and hang out!"

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