Singe in anime form

IRC Status:



Inferno Flare

Real Name:

Nolan M. Mattingly



Date of Birth:

June 6th,1999

Singe is a(n) Godlike PyroManiac. "You know, have you ever thought about how we're all just specs of paint in Bob Ross' big painting"

He is the ruler and creator of the species of fire aliens called Inferno Flares! And the god of fire! He is very dedicated to protecting his race! So much that when he makes a account for ANYTHING, ANYTHING!!! He posts this:

"I am Singe! The god of fire and guardian of the Inferno Flares! As the guardian it is my job to keep my people unharmed and to be sure they live to see tomorrow. If anybody, be it a powerful being or a mere mortal tries to harm my people! You can be sure they're in for a BURNING!!!"

In real life, he lives in the state of Kentucky and is a 18 year old male in his junior year of high school.

He is friends with almost everyone in the IRC, and participates in the Skype Calls almost daily, or whenever they happen.

As of 14th of February 2016, Singe is in a relationship with user Birdfeather

Social Media Edit

Trivia! Edit

  • On Minecraft, Skeleton is his least favorite mob because they are so accurate! Next being Endermen. 
  • His catchprase if he dosent agree with something is: OOOOOOOOOK?
  • He thinks the egg came before the chicken!
  • He might be bi-polar according to his behavior on the chat, but it hasen't been proven yet.
  • In real life, he actually almost died from his appendix rupturing.
  • "macaroni and cheese is left for us!!" <-- Singe's first line
  • Singe is known for being a white-knighter.
  • Singe is also known for his mother's constant screaming in the background during skype calls
  • Singe's mains in Smash are Samus, Cloud, and DK. But these change overtime the more he plays

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