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Sev, Sevvy, Zevy, Seventh, Overcharge, Krister, 7ThDisaster...


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14th of November


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 SeventhDisaster is a(n) TOASTY BEST FRIEND
"If at first you do not succeed; call it version 1.0." 

SeventhDisaster is one of the highest standing members of the chatroom, being the second person to recieve Channel-Admin, after NekoBrianFangirl, but before schmutz, webkinz and Mahboison

Seventh is also the creator both the DeviantArt fanpage as well as this Wiki, As well as serve as a channel admin in PlayingWithMahWii's IRC chat room . He was partially recognised due to

a little bit of popularity in some of Anthony's past livestreams prior to the chat room. He started off as a sort of shy guy with a little bit of humor up his sleeves every now and then, but soon grew to become known as basically the sort of 'Crazy, wacky, silly guy', and eventually now to his current state of "That guy who is always tired, and watches way too much anime"

When the chat room first opened up he did not have any friends he knew beforehand, thus was joining the chat all on his own, however he did end up introducing a bunch of his own friends to the IRC. The prime example being i7thDarkHunter.

Who is SeventhDisaster?Edit

He can be both humourous and, on occasion, be serious or dead serious.

Logo sev

SeventhDisaster's: Logo thing

The face behind the mysterious SeventhDisaster used to be unknown, and only drawings resembling this appearance had been put up, and few people like NekoBrianFangirl had seen his face before, as well as T2norway and PowBlock, who both met him in real life at an expo.

However, as of more recently, SeventhDisaster has started to show his face to pretty much everybody after it was established that more than half of everyone in the IRC had already seen a picture of his face. He figured there was no longer a point in hiding his face.

A vague description of what he looks like IRL: Medium length black hair, He is very short compared to other guys his age, Very skinny yet physically stronger than what he appears to be, and dresses mostly in black and white clothing. He has black eyes and and a smooth-ish sort of hairstyle, running down his face. Various images of SeventhDisaster, sorted from most recent to oldest.

At one point hair was cut and he was not pleased with it.In real life, SeventhDisaster acts quite a bit differently than how he acts when speaking to others online. He's shy, not showing off expressions, trying to appear cold and distant to others, quiet and tends to cover his face with either his hair or some sort of scarf to hide himself. In public he prefers walking around covered from head to toe with hoodies, scarves and such. The exception would of course be around people he is comfortable with.

SeventhDisaster might sound like a huge annoyance at first, but once you get used to him and become a good friend of him, he can help you with either personal issues or anything of the sort. This can be confirmed after Anthony himself told everybody that prior to the IRC; SeventhDisaster was recognized as one of his most annoying subscribers.

He will leave himself out of dramatic situations if he has nothing to do with it, unless he sees an easy way to stop useless conflict. If fights start in the IRC between two people, he will usually resolve the situation by giving them both a warning, before kicking them.

During similar discussions and arguements, Seventh will never take sides, and always negotiate from a neutral standpoint. Meaning that if it gets serious, he will support both.

SeventhDisaster enjoys music as much as many others. Aside from the obvious 'Weeb Music' he constantly listens to. His favorite music genres belong to the EDM genre and are spesifically Glitch-Hop, 110BPM, and Trap. He also enjoys listening to video game OSTs due to the fact that he is a geek like many others. He is also well known to be in love with music from the game Maplestory.

SeventhDisaster usually never gets legitimatly angry, instead paces himself and whips up a joke or anything else to humor him.

One of which is killing NekoBrianFangirl by torturing her like a brain tumor and/or the other way around.

It is because of Neko's howcast links.

Origin of nameEdit


His favorite number being the number 7.


Some random English word that he thought sounded cool when he was about 10 years of age.

His purposeEdit


Remember, he is always watching. With a particularly angry look too!

Making sure people aren't having too much funEdit

SeventhDisaster is as stated previously one of the IRC's Channel Administrators.

He contributes to making sure the chat stays a friendly and happy place. However some individuals have come to refer to Sev as the 'Nazi Mod' of the chat, that let's no soul have any fun.

How he sees peopleEdit

SeventhDisaster has formed strong relations with the mods and operators of the irc chat.

He has done many a thing; ranging from trolling with them as well as skyping with them.. 

And sometimes make them mad. :)

The buddies:Edit

Anthony (PlayingWithMahWii):Edit

Seventh and Anthony are the best of the best friends in the world. They get along well, even though their conversations are 99% nonsense in public. They often end up playing games for hours on end over skype calls on pretty much any day they both are up for it.

Julia (NekoBrianFangirl):Edit

Julia and Seventh used to be in a romantic relationship, but have since broken up. He finds her easy to trick and enjoys getting a few laughs off of trolling her. SeventhDisaster has come to realise that her youtube links are NOT TO BE TRUSTED most of the time. The Sevko ship was considered the biggest ship in the community. 

Dec (ChaosC57):Edit

Seventh and Dec are pretty good friends, they end up playing games alot together along with Anthony and Ken, although Dec is mostly absent from the IRC, they still talk over Skype.

Kite (DarthVaporizer):Edit

Seventh and Kite are very close buds. They both enjoy discussing different anime they've seen or are planning to see, as well as discuss ratings and recommend various anime series to each other. As time has passed the amount of anime the two of them watch grows at a rapid pace, and it won't take them more than a second to scare everybody else out of a call due to them weebing out about the anime they've watched.

Ken (mr_wibble)Edit

Seventh and Ken are good friends despite not talking that much. They pretty much just end up talking during games on League of Legends or something similar to it. Usually along with Anthony, Dec and Kite

Seventh On The InternetEdit

What he has done:Edit

SeventhDisaster runs his place on Tumblr, Reddit, Facebook , Youtube , Steam, DeviantArt, Vine and Twitter
  • A Chibi image of Seventh drawn by Sketchy
  • an eerie picture of Seventh drawn by SeventhDisaster.Go to DeviantArt page
  • Drawn by SeventhDisaster (Picture of Him and 7thDarkHunter, an IRL friend)
  • Drawn by SeventhDisaster
  • Also drawn by SeventhDisaster
  • Semi-Self portrait by SeventhGo to Deviantart
  • Another "Self Portrait" By SeventhGo to Deviantart
  • One of the drawings he is most proud of. By SeventhGo to Deviantart
  • A fanart-drawing by SeventhDisaster of Sakuya Izayoi from the Touhou series.Go to Deviantart

He also enjoys playing tonnes of games, some of which being Magicka, Terraria , Maplestory, As well as League Of Legends.

Aside from playing games SeventhDisaster watches a lot of anime. Most notably his favorite anime: "Sword Art Online". He tends to avoid talking too much about it though, as he can tell that the show isn't actually as good as he sees it.

What is he like:Edit

Seventh really never holds a grudge against anybody. He might get a little bit annoyed at times but aside from that he should welcome you as another friend would do. He isn't really affected all that much from teasing or other attempts at messing with him, as he struggles alot when it comes to conveying emotions and how he feels.

When it comes to being serious, that means he isn't going to tolerate a single joke and he wants stuff to be done on the spot. Seventh usually never gets serious, but when he does; it should be very easy to tell.

People he like:Edit

Seventh enjoys talking to people who don't get sidetracked too easily and don't constantly spam or curse. Seventh also enjoys hanging with people who understand his humor and people who let others have their own personal opinion on things. His favorite type of friends are the ones that can leave him alone at any given point.

People he dislike:Edit

Seventh dislikes people who tend to be an annoyance to other people and to himself. People who curse or bullies others is also someone he doesn't like. Also, people who refuses to let others have their own personal opinion get on his nerves. He strongly dislikes people who won't leave him alone when he wants to be left alone.

But aside from all this, Seventh will never snap. He will always attempt to resolve a situation in a calm and refined manner.

Past QuotesEdit

SeventhDisaster is a(n) GOOD DISASTER "HUUUH NOOOOooOOOO!!"

SeventhDisaster is a(n) 'BURNING DISASTER' ~  "I appear to have burst into flames"

SeventhDisaster is a(n) BUFFALO DISASTER ~ "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo"

SeventhDisaster is a(n) STINKY DISASTER ~ "Flying is actually pretty simple. All you need to do is throw yourself at the ground and miss."

And a whole bunch more quotes.


  • SeventhDisaster's official role/position in the irc and #WiiArmy is Major, putting him third-in-command next to NekoBrianFangirl and Anthony.
  • SeventhDisaster's personal quote changes all the time.
  • SeventhDisaster uses an IRC client called mIRC.
  • SeventhDisaster's face was usually not seen outside of Skype calls or very few snaps. However as of recent, Seventh's face has been publicly displayed since he discoved most of the people had already seen it.
  • SeventhDisaster's birthday (14th of Nov.) is just 4 days before Anthony's (18th of Nov.)
  • SeventhDisaster used to be in a relationship with NekoBrianFangirl from the 22nd of August 2015, to the 6th of September 2016.
  • SeventhDisaster's wikia page sounds like one big heap of bragging. -Sev
  • SeventhDisaster is really cool