Rembreaux (real name Remy) is a huge fan of PlayingWithMahWii. He's active in the PlayingWithMahWii community on Facebook, YouTube, and IRC. 

His Minecraft username is remygameplay.

He has a YouTube channel where he posts Minecraft videos. He has over 80 videos and is nearing 150 subscribers.

How He Discovered PlayingWithMahWiiEdit

Remy discovered PlayingWithMahWii through the YouTuber's Super Mario Bros. 3 playthrough, which ran in late 2010. Since then, he has been very involved in the community, watching just about all of PlayingWithMahWii's playthroughs and enjoying every second. His first stream was the "Funktastic June 18 Stream". In that stream, he was an active member of the chat under the username RPDprodigy.


Even though PlayingWithMahWii didn't play Minecraft until over four years into his playthroughs, Minecraft inspired Remy to record. His first video was SwagCraft's Capture the Flag. Rembreaux specializes in Mini-Games and dreams of being watched by PlayingWithMahWii.

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