I'm pretty much that type of person that is random. I also like Pokémon as if that wasn't any indication.

Also, my Name is: Jacob


It's me as a Chibi! Hurray for Chibi Power!


Here are some interests of mine:

Pokemon (As if that wasn't any indication)



Awkward repetition 


A lot of Nintendo Stuff

More Pokemon (As if that wasn't any indication)


Here is the Pony OC I made for myself a few months ago :D

How did I find PWMWEdit

This perticular Person found the Wii dude during his playthrough of SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2! And has enjoyed his content since, due to sharing a rather similar sence of humor or something like that. I also achieved top comment on one episode of Pokemon Soul Silver by Letting a hobo into Lugia's Caves

What I do with other IRC membersEdit

  • Anthony (Playingwithmahwii) - Hardly talk due to time zones and crap like that, but have an ongoing thing of things, Anthony seems to get on with EVERYONE EVER
  • Krister (SeventhDisaster) - The relation of these two aren't the best, considering that the one this page is about normally does annoying stuff, but when not doing annoying stuff, the two normally get on
  • PWMWBot - Nearly never talks due to time zone shenanignas, and often only floods the irc with NEW VIDEO UPDATES, which are actually not that new whenever I arrive.
  • HoneyQueen - Neutral stuff, often only talks about stuff that is normal. Which goes against my flow of utter randomness, but as with everyone else, has his time to time basis of utter nonsense. But not as often as others.
  • FuukkaYamagashi - The Rival, friends but rivals, Fuuka often gets pushed into every single type of pool, even the non reccuring ones, Like the Ignorance Pool

List of Running GagsEdit

  • Pushing people into a different pool, dependent on their actions. The Welcome Pool for joining, The Leaving Pool. The Stolen Job Pool, The Fake Pool. Each Pool is made up of something, WP = LAVA, LP=Liquid Nitrogen, SJP = It was stolen, FP=Cardboard
  • The Flying Ice Cream Truck that shoots Lightning, This gag was born from a childhood nightmare, where if you were to pay the ice cream man, you die. This quickly became a gag and 
    Pokemon, Fun with metronome

    Pokemon, Fun with metronome

    This is a shameless plug of sorts to my videos, which I only apparently make once per millenia

     s now used to be thrown at people
  • Betting Accordions. If you are to make a bet, I will always put an Accordion up for grabs
  • My Random Crap collection! Houses crap such as: Dentist Mirrors, Allon Keys, Bolts, Screws, Rubber Bands and MUCH MUCH MORE!
  • Shouting PLOT TWIST at anything completely obvious and predictable
  • Mentioning his Crappy Laptop, which is normally shortened to the Craptop.

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