Welcome to the PlayingWithMah Wikia!Edit

Channel Intro Landing Video (January 2016)02:52

Channel Intro Landing Video (January 2016)

This Wiki is dedicated towards the gaming YouTuber PlayingWithMahWii.

Included to the right is his channel intro which is highly recommended if you are new to PlayingWithMahWii!

Please note: Throughout the rest of this wikia, we will be referring to PlayingWithMahWii as "Anthony" (his real life name) to provide our wikia with a clear sense of consitency!

Five Years of IRC!!!!!01:57

Five Years of IRC!!!!!

Feel free to join our chat room!Edit

Anthony decided to set up his own IRC chat room, where you can join in on the fun and do all sorts of shnazzy activities such as:

• Talk to Anthony live and directly

• Meet and greet fellow chatfans

• Harass the chatroom's robot, PWMWBot

• Exchange friend codes with folks and play games with fellow chatters

Provided below is a link to this glorious chatroom! :D Feel Free to say hi!

[Before you join]

Type in the following command when you enter the chatroom to change your name "/nick INSERTNAMEHERE"

Please be aware Anthony may not be available at the time of your arrival so feel free to familiarize yourself with the community first

(Anthony #playingwithmahwii)

Topic / ObjectiveEdit

If you are a fan and/or watcher of PlayingWithMahWii, please feel free to add information to this wiki. We could use a lot of help right now, since we're a relatively new wikia,  so any sort of contribution is greatly appreciated!

The current objective would be to get as much Information about PlayingWithMahWii on the Wiki as we can, which includes his videos, channel, livestreams, IRC chat, friends, acquaintances and other such aspects of his fanbase.

Latest activityEdit

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