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The wii dude by foxiestpancakes-d57vlvh

Fan-depiction of PlayingWithMahWii's semi-original character, Antoshio






Real Name:



Anthony, Ant, Antoshi, and Antoshio
Anthony is a(n) AWESOME Wii Dude. "* schmutz keeps hammering until the wall has crumbled completely | «~Anthony» That is the dumbest idea ever"

- Anthony's (PlayingWithMahWii's) current quote

PlayingWithMahWii (AKA Anthony and Ant) is the ruler of the smelly YouTube channel PlayingWithMahWii.... Which makes sense... He is a huge Nintendo fan, and really loves stinking with his friends, Cory5896 (Cory) , ChaosC57 (Dec), Tyman291486 (Tyman), DarkReindhart (Zero), Zerobeat36 (Brian) Kite (DarthVaporizer), Ken (mr_wibble) and Ostred . (Kafro)


October 11, 2008

He decided to start up a YouTube channel, which developed into the PlayingWithMahWii we know today.

Since starting his channel in 2008, he has gotten over 28,000 subscribers.

More About AntoshiEdit

"Antoshi" is a portmanteau name consisting of Anthony and Satoshi, the name of the protagonist of the Pokemon anime. Anthony used this name in a Pokemon roleplay group. For quite a while, the name stuck, and he used the moniker for many things, including his DeviantArt page . On Anthony's DeviantArt page a new character, Antoshio, would appear in the webcomic "Super Antoshio Bros.".


Screenshot 2015-05-16-21-04-30

A phone screenshot of the moment in the chat he revealed Anthony was born in New York.

PlayingWithMahWii's role in the #WiiArmy is Sir Ultra Major Badass Marshall Admiral Viceroy Grand Duke Chancellor King Princess Pope President Prime Minister C.E.O. Buddha God Governer Shogun Tzar Cesar C.M.O Führer, Ph. D.

As of May the 28th of 2013 at 11:05 am, Anthony stated he plays Minecraft.

"Antoshi" was PlayingWithMahWii's name before PlayingWithMahWii.

While Anthony currently resides in Florida, he has revealed in the chat that he was born in Corona, NY, to the much fangirlling of New York City native Truepixartronphan.

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