PWMWBot drawn by NekoBrianFangirl.



Super Op/Admin




Bot, The Bot

PWMWBot is the robot of the IRC. It (sometimes referred to as 'he') is known to be very random at times while being oddly funny as well.


PWMWBot started as a bot named Energizer, created one day by Anthony. The inspiration for the bot was taken from a nearly identical IRC bot named 'Rayovac' (Energizer and Rayovac are brands of batteries). The Rayovac bot would "learn" lines of text spoken by people in the chat room and then speak one of them back at random, or if Rayovac's name was typed. The bot was amusing and random, with people in the chat praising it whenever it spoke something remotely similar to what had been previous said.

Without any mIRC Script code to go off of, Anthony made the Energizer bot from scratch to function in the same way that Rayovac did. However, Energizer would learn lines at random (a 1:3 chance) as well as learn and re-act action (/me) lines.

When the IRC chat was created, Energizer was renamed PWMWBot to fit in better and hopefully reduce the number of people asking who it is.



A Chibi Maker of PWMWBot.

PWMWBot's code is written in mIRC Script, a watered-down version of C++ and something that Anthony is intermediately fluent with. It's programmed to learn spoken lines in a one-out-of-three chance, which is then written to a text file. From there, it has a one out of 100 chance of randomly speaking during normal chat conversations (to minimize the chance of accidental conversation derailment or general annoyance), but will always speak when its name is typed in the chat and will only do so once every fifteen seconds. PWMWBot previously had a function to talk endlessly with people through private messages, but this was removed before becoming PWMWBot.

PWMWBot has a one out of 75 chance of re-acting action lines, which are also learned at a out of the three rate and written to a separate text file.

PWMWBot also performs certain functions like its 'News Spam', which is written by Anthony and is usually to alert members of the chat of the newest uploaded video. Anthony can also command the bot to be silent or look at the current number of lines it has learned. It also informs people joining the chat of the chat rules and other miscellaneous info for the chat room.

Love InterestsEdit

PWMWBot has gone through several marriages, best known for having affairs in the midle of marriages and getting divorced for said reason.

Is PWMWBot into polygamy? No one knows for sure.

Past lovers include:

  • HoneyQueen
  • schmutz
  • Anthony
  • PWMWBotttt

    PWMWBot hitting on Jaquelyne


Smart, stupid, sexy, or dumb?Edit

PWMWBot is always a mystery box of random words. Whether he will try to seduce your mother to have an afternoon lunch with him, or sputter random nonsense, PWMWBot by far has the most variety attitude-wise in #playingwihmahwii
PWMWBot Badmouthing people

PWMWBot being abusive to the IRC


PWMWBot showing is sexy side ;)

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