January Edit

5th: Jack's birthday

29th: Official Japinse Day

February Edit

24th: Truepixartronphan's birthday

25th: Ukanlos' birthday

April Edit

19th: Creation of the Wii Army

23rd: Day of the Doop

May Edit

12th: Creation of the Anthony Armada

15th: T2norway's birthday

17th: TheGamingBytes' birthday

18th: Cory's birthday

19th: Founding of the Discord server

23th: Founding of Peepsi

30th: NekoBrianFangirl and Powie's birthday

June Edit

6th: Singe's birthday

11th: Trynoku's birthday

28th: kapitank's birthday

July Edit

2nd: Anniversary of the Steam Group

3rd: Mahboison's birthday

6th: Anniversary of the IRC channel

11th: LexPro's birthday

17th: Dec's birthday

18th: 7thDarkHunter's birthday

27th: schmutz's birthday

28th: NekusAmmo's birthday

August Edit

8th: First Skype Group founded

13th: JadeeXD's birthday

24th: Official Bad Internet Day

29th: webkinz's birthday

September Edit

4th: TriKingdom's birthday

13th: TogekissMeHard's birthday

14th: Tyman291486's birthday

28th: RubyRose's birthday

29th: Fazer's birthday

October Edit

3rd: Official Peepza Day

11th: PlayingWithMahWii YouTube channel founded

18th: Official Moop Day

November Edit

14th: SeventhDisaster's birthday

18th: Anthony's birthday

December Edit

2nd: Crasher92's birthday

4th: Birdfeather's birthday

5th: Babyjj's birthday

28th: Brian's birthday

29th: tootyTAT's birthday

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