Half OP



Real Name:

IDK. Nick? O3O



Notice to readers:This member page is around solely for historic purposes, as the member it was created by is either no longer active, or has been banned from the IRC. Please keep this in mind, as the information on this page may no longer be relevant or current. Thank you. NickCore is a member of the IRC. His status is Half-OP. He is known for posting E:3 or something similar to it. He is from Antarctica and is the best friend of Lord Vord Yunta, Commander of the Penguin Militia of Antarctica, Section 52. He comes on every so often, and doesn't talk very often.


He has a YouTube channel where he uploads absolutely nothing and has a horrible, horrible name he never should have chosen, but is now stuck with it forever.

He also has a Twitter , but since you can change your name on Twitter, he doesn't have that horrible name.

Was also "Kit" for a short period of time because Neko was being mean to him. :'(

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