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Google likes Playingwithmahwii

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Origin of nicknameEdit

Nekusammo comes from a running joke that is my Steam name (Neku Sakuraba (I have ammo)). It came from the main protagonist in my favorite game (The World Ends With You) and a joke I had on a Counter-Strike: Source server with one of the admins where we ran into a gunfight and I had died. I told them, it was only because I had no ammo. The next time we ran into eachother I killed them and I said that I had ammo. We had the joke going for a while and we decided it would be easier to know when to and when not to run into my by my name. So I just always had it as (I have ammo) because I was too lazy to change it.

How I found playingwithmahwiiEdit

Way back in February of 2009 (man, it sure has been a while) I was looking for a decent playthrough of Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (don't ask, I don't remember either). And I came across this guy, PlayingWithMahWii. He was very informative and I like the way he did his videos. At this point I didn't have a youtube account or anything so I would come home from school every day and look for his channel and see that he had uploaded a new video by that time. Fast forward a year or so and I made my youtube account. The very first person I subbed to was PWMW.

Friends and EnemiesEdit

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