laks (/lɑks/, NOT /læks/ or /laks/) is a frequent user and operator of the IRC.

he was born on 11 July 2001 in Fitzrovia, London, and has resided in Northwood since 2008.

he has been a fan of Anthony since the Galaxy 2 playthrough in the summer of 2010. he joined the IRC on 22nd April 2015, the day after the 12-hour Mario Marathon stream, which brought the IRC to his attention, and now mostly idles. he can also be found lurking on the PWMW Discord Servers, and is a moderator of the public server.

he has made one video for T2norway.^ in the flesh

some fun facts and deeply held opinions he will fight you over Edit

  • capital letters should be used sparingly at best
  • it is spelt "woah"
  • the best colour is #2E96FF
  • "shaving my piano" is the best Bill Wurtz video
  • The Legend of Zelda and Fire Emblem are godsends
  • and so are cats
  • gay
  • Våtfjord is a city, not a town
  • he has a fair amount of knowledge of the French language and much less confidence
  • the UK will win Eurovision one day

other places of the internet Edit

Twitter: @laks440 (politics and thoughts on life)

Tumblr: laks440 (almost exclusively reblogs)

Reddit: laks440 (occasionally a meme of sorts)

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