Wat. - Kiku, 2013


Kiku in his prime.

Hey y'all it's Kiku! The guy that has Next to NO spendable money! And poopy PC! YAY!

Also play smite.


SMITE - Community Video Contest00:56

SMITE - Community Video Contest

Kiku spends most of his time on the internet with his friends. He is always on the scout for any free PC game that his poopy PC can handle. Kiku spends a lot of time on Youtube where he watches different video game commentators. He also plays Smite, and so should you.

Origin of NameEdit

Kiku is short for Kikuan wich is an acronym Kiku got in his childhood so that his friends could call him something other than his actual name, which someone else in his neighbourhood had. It is a weird type of acronym for words he does not want to share.

How did Kiku stumble upon playingwithmahwii?Edit

Back in early 2010 young Kiku stumpled upon a game called Super Mario Galaxy, which amazed him. A month or two later, the sequel came out, and he was hungry for more. He searched youtube and came upon a series of videos made by PlayingWithMahWii, wich for another year would be known to him as that guy for he had absolutely zero idea what channels were by that point. And so the adventure began...

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