Hello! I am Kapitank!

About Kapitank89Edit

I'm a high school student who enjoys surfing the internet! I became familiar with PlayingWithMahWii after randomly looking for playthroughs of obscure games like Pac man 2: The New Adventures and Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. . The IRC came to my attention when the 1st year anniversary video was uploaded, I decided to join, and didn't make a good impression, but now I do i guess... I am now in the Top 30, don't know how that happened.

Things I Enjoy:Edit

- Video Games

- Music (Old or New, some favorites include Elton John, Queen, and Billy Joel)

- Making 8-Bit music for my YouTube channel


A few of the many awesome peeps on the chat include: Lexpro schmutz Ukanlos Truepixartronphan birdfeather, Jack, fireheart, mahboison, RubyRose, Darthvaporizer, Singe, T2Norway, Fazer, JadeeXD, siubiku, Nekusammo, i'm sure I've missed someone. but everyone is awesome in the chat!

Useless Trivia!

- He came up with my name a few years ago when my brother's friend wanted to give him his Minecraft account, and his username was "Cap'nTank", I didn't know how it was spelled so I just used what I thought it sounded like (o3o).

- He's a big fan of old music formats like Vinyl Records and Cassettes Tapes.

- He's never played a Pokemon game for longer than 3 hours!