PWMWBot getting competitive at #pwmwuno

PWMWBot: Eeny meenie minie.. PWNed!!! (#pwmwuno)

Fun for all!Edit

Here at #playingwithmahwii Anthony has provided all visitors free access to three unique gaming channel rooms that anyone can join whenever! However you may only play games while PWMWBot is online... or else the game's script will not work!

All three games are a blast and free to play!

What are the three games?Edit

What are the three games, you ask?

(#pwmwuno)  A card game where you are dealt a few cards at first and the aim is to end up with no cards.

(#pwmwcasino) A channel full of all sorts of mini-games complete with its own item shop!

(#battle)  A battling game where only the best of the best can win!

I don't have anyone to play with ;((aka Crasher92)Edit

Don't have anyone else who wants to play with you? Not a problem! As long as PWMWBot is online, PWMWBot will play with you in most games! You can rank up your scoe stealthily by versing the bot 1 on 1 in endless uno matches, or scam him out of some coins in the casino! The possiblities are endless! So what are you waiting for? Hop on by and play some games TODAY!!!

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