This will have to do, until someone takes a *real* photograph of it.

Shoe size




Pokédex Number



Dragon Pokémon, oddly enough

Needs a life?




DragoniteSpam is a user of IRC and longtime fan of Anthony.


DragoniteSpam can almost always be found logged into IRC, but is afk or something most of the time and is simply too lazy to use the /quit command.

He spends a vast majority of his time getting in trouble for one reason or another, and an insignificant fraction of it contributing to actual conversation.

Discord Edit

Dragonite also frequents the PlayingWithMahWii Discord server, despite knowing full well that IRC is vastly superior, where he is a mod who generally has an itchy banhammer finger. Just don't do anything you probably wouldn't in front of your grandma and he'll probably leave you alone, all right?

Discovery of PlayingWithMahWiiEdit

Version 4 150px Rotated

These things happen.

It was some time before Galaxy 2, back in early 2010. Probably via Mario Kart Wii. It was a long time ago. I was young and stupid. I forget the details.

The one-eyebrow'd catEdit

Dragonite has a cat emoticon with only one eyebrow. Anthony tends to be very intolerant of it. Don't be like Anthony. (´・ω・)

Bopping AnthonyEdit

It typically results in a good kicking, but it's okay 'cause it's for science.

Another section that probably won't ever get filled because the author is lazyEdit

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