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David The Lion is an OP of the IRC chat. He first joined the chat after NekoBrianFangirl demanded he do so! (what a meaner right?) At first he died inside when people would want him to say something... but then once again Julia forced him to speak >> but he is very thankful she did so as he now has a great time on the chat with everyone ^u^.

Why is he a Lion?Edit

Well, at first his username was AzumaDavid as he looooooves Azumarills but then he got a strange obsesstion with The Lion King and The Lion King 2 (which he only first seen in 2012! IKR?! :O) and then decided to transform into a lion. RAWR!

What is he like?Edit

He is like a lion. He sleeps, he eats, he poops. Dealwithit.jpg. But other than that he is a nice guy buuuut he does have a tendency to let a few unsavoury words to slip (sorry to anyone who has to experience that >3<)

Him in the IRCEdit


As long as you don't constantly brag, act like a jerk or cuss him out he is cool with anyone. The people he are closest to on the chat though are Julia (Neko), Seventh and Cathy (Drawciawitch) as he knew them before joining the chat. He has also, though, became pretty fond of Joiner of Sonic Fans... because Touhou... and Spyro... teehee


There are a few who he would prefer to not deal with. He is not gonna say CUZ ANTHONY WILL YELL AT HIM FOR IT. But the people he doesn't like probably have a fair idea of who they are.

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Basically... too lazy to make one so don't expect one... like... ever.


Touhou, Spyro, Pokemon, League of Legends... that's pretty much it. :3 That is what he is know for.


  • David's role in the #WiiArmy is Sergeant of the Berserker Squad.