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Darthvaporizer (Also known as Kite) is a half-op in the PlayingWithMahWii IRC chat. He's friends with PlayingWithMahWii and appears in several of his league videos as well as various streams.


Kite started playing video games back in 1996 (only90'skidswillremember) on the SNES. Since then he has owned every major Nintendo console aside from the WiiU as well as a PS1, PS2, Xbox360, and Sega Dreamcast. He eventually went on to make videos for the youtubs on a channel WHICH YOU FACISTS WILL NEVER FIND!, but they're all bad and no one should watch them.

Kite is also a solid league of legends player and alongside Ken (TPA Orianna) taught Anthony, Cory, and Dec all they know.

IRC ShennanigansEdit

Kite is usualy friendly within the IRC chat, but he tends to have strong opinions and enjoys a good debate. This sometimes leads to protracted arguments between him and various members of the IRC most notably Anthony and Aslime.

Kite also has no love for police which causes him to use colors to Defy the man. This has led to him being kicked at least Once because of the facist leaders of  the chat. Kite dislikes these Worthless rules aNd often WIshes THat they would Be changed.

KIte has a Good relationship with most of the mods including NekoBRianfangirl, ChaOsc57, SevenTHdisastER and others.

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