395Empoleon Dream

A penguin :D

I'm a penguin. Quack.

General stuffEdit

My name is Asher aka Crasher92 and I just generally idle in the chat room and occasionally chat in between playing various games. The main games that I'm playing right now are LoL and Pokemon. I play in Pokemon VGC tournaments and have been noted by many people for making top cut with a Sandlash on my team at the 2013 National Championships. Some of favorite pokemon include Floatzel, Garchomp, Palkia, Empoleon, Groudon, Sandslash, Staraptor, and Porygon-Z. In LoL I like to play Viktor :D. I do play a number of other champs but Viktor is my definite favorite.

On irc I also occasionally go by Calamari_Dessert, Darth_Beaver, or CrasherDasher.

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