The IRC (#playingwithmahwii)  (#playingwithmahwii) is something that PlayingWithMahWii fixed up to have free live chats with his subscribers, viewers and friends. He also uses IRC for his streams.

IRC Flag

The IRC Flag, created by Mahboison (June 17th, 2017)

IRC Rules and Systems

  • Do not swear excessively
  • Do not spam
  • Do not advertise
  • Do not insult/personally attack others
  • Do not type in ALL CAPS
  • Do not bop Anthony
  • Do not make use of text formatting. (Bold text, Colored text , Italic text)
  • Flooding the chat without voice will automatically result in getting kicked by a bot
  • Typing longer sentences in all caps without voice will automatically result in getting kicked by a bot
  • Getting kicked by bots several times in a row will automatically result in a temporary ban

Regular Members of the IRCEdit

  • Anthony
  • PWMWBot
  • ASlime
  • Seventh
  • Neko
  • ShadeChibi
  • PonyPage
  • Sparks
  • Shansai
  • TPM/PonyMaster
  • Mahboison
  • Singe
  • TheGamingBytesGo to TheGamingBytes
  • T2norway
  • TriKingdom

Channel Owner: (~)Edit

Channel Admins: (&)Edit

Operators: (@) Edit

Half OPs: (%)Edit

Voiced Regulars: (+)Edit

Previous MembersEdit

Special Groups of the IRC Edit

  • The Norsks
  • The League of Legends Group
  • The Girls
  • The ones we do not speak of

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