Channel AdminsEdit

Here is a description of the current Channel Admins in the IRC chat.




  • The silly woman we all know and love.
  • The first female ever to appear in the chat.
  • She is here to make sure everything is alright.
  • Her hardest job is staying alive.




  • One of The_Norsks
  • Can be the one to make or break a discussion.
  • Known as: "The Tired Guy" or "Local Nazi Moderator"
  • Attempts to keep the place in order whilst making sure everyone is happy. By casually throwing low-key insults at literally anybody as a joke.
  • Seeing a SeventhDisaster acting seriously is quite the rare occasion. Make sure you snap a photo
  • Has the attention span akin to that of a goldfish. If he's entranced by a video game, you probably won't see him speak for really extended periods of time.
  • His hardest job staying awake

Mahboison: Edit


Mahboison surfing the internet like a boss

  • The only active Canadian on the IRC.
  • Tends to go silent, usually because he's doing other stuff on his computer.
  • Can be silly at times, but will get very serious if someone starts breaking the rules.
  • Tries his best to participate in conversations and greet people who join when he's active.
  • Likes to give hugs! (っ◕ヮ◕)っ

Schmutz: Edit

  • She is hungry

Webkinz: Edit

  •  ???

Add your descriptions below fellow admins

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