Hi it's Cat here! 


Coming up with the Nickname Cat, wasn't too hard for her. She sat at the opening of the IRC chat and thought of super hero's and Cats. It came to her! Catgirl. But that's to plain and anyone could have it. So she added numbers to it. At the end it was made fully. Catgirl334

She loves writing fanfic's.Edit

She loves writing Fanfics! It is her life. She has a fanfic called "IRC goes real". It is about her friends in IRC and how they go on an adventure to save prince Anthony. With her wild imagination she makes it into a little fairytale making sure her friends are stars! Down below are the links. 

Heres the links:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

The factsEdit

1: She plays Mario Kart, Super mario Galaxy games, and Super Mario Bros. 

2: Her favorite color is Aqua blue.

3: She has blonde hair.

4: She is friends with a lot of people in the IRC chat.

5: She writes fanfics and draws Anime.

6: She watches and loves My little pony Friendship is Magic.

Her friendsEdit

Princess_jacquelyn (Jaq): Is one of her good friends. They sing the "Teh-Fuzz" song. Made by Cat. 

Webkinz: Is Cats friend. They talk a little, and usually whenever he's on she says hi to him.

Powblock: Is a friend of hers. They usually don't talk a lot though.

HoneyQueen (HQ): Is one of her good friends. They talked from the first day she came on IRC. So they are very close and like eachother. Good friends.

Anthony: Cat is a little obsessed with Anthony and a huge fan but not as much as she was when she was younger. She tuned down fangirling a bit. She is friends with Anthony.

Trynoku (Tryno): Is her friend. They always say hi to eachother.

TehfuhfZ (Tehfuhfz, teh-fuzz): Cat made up the teh-fuzz song because of him. They get along pretty well. They are friends.

schmutz: They talk a little bit. And they known each other for a while.

Sparkselectrokoopa: Cat made fanart for him! And this time it wasn't a regular Koopa. It was a "Electro Koopa".

Pwmwfangirl: Is her friend. She taught Cat about drawing Manga and  

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