Birdfeather is a semi-regular person-girl-thing in the IRC. She's random and weird and, wait a second... she's ME! Yes, my real name is Robin, nice to meet you!


Well, there isn't much to put here since I haven't lived for very long, but I'll put things here anyway. I was born on Dec. 4th at (UNDISCLOSED LOCATION). I've lived here my whole life! My life has been mostly normal, though I feel like I overreact to everything.

Interests & FriendsEdit

Interests Edit

I have quite a few interests! I like Japan, reading, video games, eating, video games, and did I mention video games?

I am currently learning Japanese so I can work towards my dream of localizing games for Nintendo! Some games I'm currently playing are Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Splatoon, Ōkami, Super Metroid and Pokemon Omega Ruby.

Friends Edit

Most of my friends are from the IRC itself, so here is a list of the people I talk to the most!





Kite (Darthvaporizer)



Anthony (PlayingWithMahWii)


Singe <3


And I'm sure I've at least missed one, so if you feel like you talk to me often, let me know so I can edit! Or do the editing yourself, your choice.

IRC Presence Edit

I haven't really been in the IRC for all that long, but somehow I've been voiced. Huh. I've really only been here since the anniversary video in 2015, so not very long. People seem to like it when I'm there, dunno why.

I also pretend to be a human/bird hybrid thing because of my username. Basically, I'm a human with blue wings growing out of my back, and I can't fly for too long because human body. Sometimes I like to bother people by putting my wings in their face and making them sneeze. AND NO IT'S NOT BASED OFF OF MAXIMUM RIDE, IT WAS A COINCIDENCE O3O! I am currently a half-op.

Comments Edit

I haven't had many comments, but I will change it every so often. Here's a list of all the comments I've had! (btw I will always have the first part as "Birdfeather is a pretty girl, so I'm only listing comments).

"Ladder goat, you are so random o3o"

"Please leave a message at the sign of the beep. BEEEEEEEEEEEE...."

"it's sir arthur conan doyle you uneducated swine"

"I'd love to throw blood around - LexPro, 2015"


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