Antoshi is the main protagonist of a Pokémon fanfiction series that takes place in a future timeline. Making his debut in A Blond Ray of Sunshine, he is portrayed as a kind, bright and outgoing 13-year-old boy on a journey as a Pokémon Trainer through the region of Kanto almost one hundred years after the events of Pokémon Red and Blue. With his best friend and only Pokémon, Fireball the Typhlosion, he collected all eight Gym Badges and competed in the Indigo Plateau.

Displaying passive supernatural abilities through his journey (most notably, the ability to understand Pokémon speech), he is shown to be an intelligent and capable leader. While initially level-headed and even-tempered, he shows a much more vulnerable side when Fireball is kidnapped by Team Rocket. Unable to do anything but wait while the police search for Fireball, Antoshi goes through varying stages of grief — the most powerful of which unleashes the crux of his superhuman potential. With his powers, he is able to single-handedly stop the two Team Rocket members that kidnapped Fireball and rescued his friend.

After a loss in the first round of the Indigo League tournament, Antoshi and Fireball decide to travel to Johto on a new badge-collecting journey. There, Antoshi meets his apparent twin, Latoshi. While they get along well at first, Antoshi confronts him after believing Latoshi to be the culprit behind the recent destruction of a Johto town. Latoshi reveals his plan to use his powers to cleanse the world of evil, ruling over it as his ideal utopia, and rid any non-believers. Antoshi is horrified and tries to talk Latoshi out of it. The end result is a fight between the two, in which Latoshi is victorious.

Conception and creationEdit


Antoshi's appearance in 2002. Seen wielding a now abandoned item, the 'Shard Lance' (reworked to look like a sword).

Antoshi was conceived in early 2002, through text role-playing in AOL chat rooms.[1] Antoshi's original incarnation was that of a scatterbrained Pokémon Trainer with unexplained superpowers. He was very happy-go-lucky, slapstick and carried around weapons like the “Spork of Doom!!” This random personality carried over into the first take of fan fiction stories starring the character, which began in 2002. Antoshi displayed serious Mary Sue qualities in the stories, such as being liked by everyone he met and becoming the instant crush of canon character Misty. The first series lasted for six stories and one 'special,' spanning from 2002–2008.

The series went through a reboot in 2009, starting with a new story, A Blond Ray of Sunshine. More focus was put on making a serious, coherent, ongoing storyline involving Antoshi discovering and developing his powers, as opposed to simply always having them. The backgrounds of Antoshi and others are also explored further. The second series spanned five stories with a sixth left unfinished before being dropped in 2012.


Antoshi's updated appearance in 2005.

The series went through another reboot in 2017 — its current incarnation — overhauling and expanding the story of 2009's A Blond Ray of Sunshine while keeping the core plot points intact.


A Blond Ray of Sunshine (2017)Edit

Antoshi's first appearance portrays him as a kind, bright and outgoing 12-year-old boy on a journey as a Pokémon Trainer through the region of Kanto, almost one hundred years after the events of Pokémon Red and Blue. With his best friend and only Pokémon, Fireball the Typhlosion, he seeks to collect all eight Gym Badges and reach the Indigo Plateau.

He is a quick learner; a level-headed strategist, well-read in various subjects concerning Pokémon and world history.[2] His knowledge and over a year of experience as a Trainer make him confident when it comes to Pokémon battles. He does not want for attention, is shy around girls, and typically dresses in modest clothing sent to him by his mother. While friendly, has very few friends aside from Fireball.

After taking a boat from Fuchsia City to Cinnabar Island, Antoshi and Fireball obtain their seventh badge at the Cinnabar Gym. Before they can obtain their eighth and final badge, Fireball is lured away and kidnapped by Team Rocket members Matt and Jalyn. The resulting emotional distress of having his best friend stolen from him causes Antoshi's latent abilities to unlock. His powers allow him to single-handedly capture the Team Rocket duo and rescue his friend. They then move on to the Viridian Gym and obtain their final badge.[3]

Along the way, however, Antoshi experiences strange nightmares in which he witnesses a faraway event. The event turns out to happen in real life, resulting in the destruction of a small town in the Johto region.

Sibling Rivalry (2018)Edit

After competing in the Indigo League's semiannual tournament, Antoshi and Fireball are defeated in the first round of the bracket. They return home to Saffron City and take several months off. After Antoshi's thirteenth birthday, the duo decide to embark on a new badge-collecting journey in Johto. They travel to Goldenrod City, led partially by Antoshi's curiosity of his perceived link to a recently destroyed Johto town. There, Antoshi develops a sixth sense that draws him into a chance meeting with his apparent twin, Latoshi.

The two boys are shocked to find that they appear almost physically identical, save for the colors of their hair. They get along for a brief time before Antoshi, with great suspicion on his mind, presses Latoshi with questions regarding the destruction of the Johto town. Latoshi lures Antoshi into the Ilex Forest, where he reveals his plans for his ideal utopian world — by murdering anyone Latoshi deems evil. He invites Antoshi to join him. Antoshi is shocked by Latoshi's willingness to murder people and vehemently declines. A clash between the two young men with superpowers ensues.

Latoshi, who wields more control over his powers, emerges victorious with almost no effort exerted on his part. He leaves Antoshi bloodied, brutally beaten and nearly unconscious. Fireball is also left unconscious and badly injured. Lazarus insists that Latoshi kill Antoshi. Before he can finish Antoshi off, however, he has a last-second change of heart. With a vague threat, Latoshi leaves Antoshi unconscious in the woods.

Antoshi briefly awakens to a vision of a young woman who also appears to be able to use the same kind of Ki energy he and Latoshi wield. After fully awakening some time later, Antoshi leads Fireball out of the woods. Thoroughly infuriated over Latoshi's threats to harm his friends and family, he becomes embroiled with the thought of revenge against his apparent twin.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Antoshi first displays several passive supernatural abilities; most notably, the ability to understand Pokémon speech.[4] While asleep, he witnesses several faraway events involving Latoshi.[5][6] He displays a form of Ki manipulation to Fireball,[7] which he uses in his fight against Latoshi as a projectile weapon.[8]

Antoshi unlocks superhuman physical characteristics through his Ki — greatly enhancing his speed, strength and defenses.[9] He discovers he can fly, allowing him to catch up to the car the Team Rocket duo Matt and Jalyn are fleeing in.[10]

He is able to avoid bullet fire,[11] and can move faster than hypersonic speeds in short bursts.[12] He is strong enough to grab the speeding car and stop its momentum.[13] He survived falling from a ten story building and regained consciousness, with no injuries, within a few days.[14]

However, he has limited fighting experience and usage of his Ki. Using his powers for the first time rapidly drained him to the point of severe exhaustion.[15] This was also the case during his fight with Latoshi.[16]

Reception and legacyEdit

Antoshi has been called “kind”[17], “engaging”[18], “bold”[19], and “brave, but also quite reckless”[20] by reviewers. A Blond Ray of Sunshine (2017) was awarded Bulbagarden's December 2017 'Fic of the Month' award.[1]


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