Think you've spot a phony? You've come to the right place. Whois a fellow guest and find out who they really are.

It's as Simple as 1, 2, 3!Edit

Click on a user's name on the right, click "whois", and look for "Hostname". To the right of the colon should follow that person's unique temporary IRC IP address. If it matches someone on the list below, then it is safe to say either:

  • A. One of that person's family members have logged in on another computer or mobile device
  • B. That other "guest" is in fact a phony!

List of IRC Hostnames.Edit

  • Anthony


  • PWMWBot

  • SeventhDisaster

  • Wobbuffet


  • SleepyIbuki

  • SparksElectroKoopa

  • TehFuhfZ

  • webkinz

  • ChanStat

  • HoneyQueen

  • Kwpolska


  • Mahboison

  • Nekusammo

  • Princess_Jaquelyne

  • pwmwfangirl

  • Rusty

  • PonyPage

  • PowBlock

  • ^ThundeR_

  • Bird_feather

  • BetaMaster64


  • Kapitank89

  • Nerin

  • Singe

  • texasboykc09

  • Underdose


  • wickedplayer494

  • ElliottB1