The  response time of ^ThundeR_ is faster than lightning, you hear him before you see the lightning!Edit


Typical day with ^ThundeR_ around

14:53:28     -->     weirdo (cgiirc@750124C5.A7C43E3F.FA5740E3.IP) has joined #playingwithmahwii
14:53:58     weirdo  oh, where did this thunder and lightning come from?
14:54:10     +^ThundeR_      I'M NOT THERE, YOU HAVE NO PROOF!
14:54:22     weirdo  u sure?
14:54:28     --      weirdo is now known as NekoBrianFangirl
14:54:33     --      Mode #playingwithmahwii [+ao NekoBrianFangirl NekoBrianFangirl] by w000t
14:54:36     +^ThundeR_      yes, i am positive
14:54:43     +^ThundeR_ charged
14:54:52     &NekoBrianFangirl       EYYYYYYYYYY
14:54:59     &NekoBrianFangirl       someone's a smarty smart
14:55:17     &NekoBrianFangirl       I was just proving to my friends your awesome power of turning up whenever anyone says your name :D
14:55:17     &NekoBrianFangirl       <3
14:55:53     +^ThundeR_      its all a conspiracy, this was pre-arranged and NekoBrianFangirl paid me 1 million US dollars to be here at this specific moment

HoneyQueen's Interview with ^ThundeR_Edit


Interview with ^ThundeR_

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